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Welcome to the website. Here you will be able to find information and suppliers of all types of milkshake mixers. The mixers can be used to blend incredibly tasty drinks for you, your friends and your family.

Taking the goodness of fresh milk, the mixers can be used to make natural, ice cream textured drinks in a matter of seconds to be enjoyed indoors or outside.

These mixers/blenders have been used for years in the catering industry around the world, and now due to their popularity, are being created for widespread home use so that they can be enjoyed from the comfort of your own surroundings whenever you feel the need for a thick, milky shake.

Generally, the mixers are supplied with sachets of all kinds of your favourite flavours, e.g. strawberry, banana, vanilla, the list is potentially endless. Otherwise you can use other products such as Nesquick to create your perfect milkshake.


Putting in the correct amount of ingredients and milk into the same glass or tumbler every time means that there is little waste.

Washing up is reduced to a minimum, just the one glass or tumbler!

All instructions for use are generally provided to help you get the best out of your mixer.

Here's a tip. Why not put the milk in the freezer for an hour before serving, to create an ice cold, refreshing drink, perfect for a hot summer's day, or for everyone to enjoy at a children's party!

Why not check out the rest of the website for information on different suppliers, to aid you in your search for the perfect milkshake mixer.
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